About Nonnatech

Nonnatech is one of the fastest-growing and most comprehensive digital health solutions for the entire senior care continuum. Nonnatech is one of the only platforms able to successfully integrate many different devices to provide real-time monitoring and automatic data transfer to clinicians, family members, and home care staff that can be passively collected. Our technology yields data showing changes in behavior (or the absence of behaviors) that signal physiological changes in those being monitored. These behavioral changes can reflect medication adherence, or lack thereof, and significant activity levels in eating, fluid intake, sleeping, toileting, and socialization patterns.

Nonnatech’s device-agnostic platform focuses on the early detection and intervention of physiological changes. Clinicians are able to intervene at an early stage and more effectively prevent and manage potentially deteriorating conditions. Early intervention helps prevent hospitalizations, admissions into higher levels of care, and reduce length of stay in rehabilitation facilities.


Gary German, President

Gary has been passionate in helping people with functional impairments and persons with disabilities from the time he began volunteering in nursing homes while attending the Bronx High School of Science. He graduated from the State University of New York at Albany and entered the world of finance. However, his passion for healthcare and helping older adults never diminished. Gary finally decided to leave the world of finance several years ago when his grandmother (babushka) suffered a stroke and he became more involved in her care. Gary used his experience to found Nonnatech. Gary participated as a member of the SmartAmerica Closed Loop HealthCare team launched by the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The team was able to demonstrate how data can move seamlessly from home to ambulance to hospital and back home, producing overall cost savings and improved health outcomes.

Bill Lindsey, Chief Technical Officer

Bill has over 25 years of software engineering leadership experience, including over 10 years designing commercial print and web publishing systems for companies such as Reed Elsevier, ITT and TRW. Bill has led the design and operation of internet scale digital advertising and content platforms, and designed and built the software running consumer electronics security devices.

Jason Oliver, Vice President, Product Management

Jason has over 15 years of demonstrated performance within technology, mobile, product development, engineering, team building, raising capital, and driving growth and profits.

Dr. Robert Frank, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Frank is a cardiothoracic surgeon and entrepreneur with broad experience in healthcare spanning over 25 years. He has served as Chief of Quality Improvement and Utilization at Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans and as CEO and Chief Medical Officer of the 700 physician Wayne State University Physician Group. Dr. Frank was most recently Chief Medical Officer and EVP at Meridian Health Plan, the largest Medicaid plan in Michigan and Illinois.

John Williams, Strategy and Growth

John has nearly 20 years of executive level experience in mHealth, medical device, and biotechnology. John excels in building and leveraging relationships while executing strategy.

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