Home Health Monitoring's Time is Finally Here...

Hospitals and providers across the care continuum are rapidly expanding their virtual health capabilities. Nonnatech is helping providers meet this demand by delivering best-in-class Virtual Health Monitoring technologies and services to solve challenges impacting healthcare today – from staffing shortages to the prevalence of certain chronic conditions. Trusted by leading health systems, payers, and patients alike, Nonnatech’s patented solutions focus on patient safety, improving health outcomes and creating an exceptional patient care experience.

Expertise in Remote Patient Monitoring and Population Health Management

Our market-leading Remote Patient Monitoring programs solutions were built by experienced clinicians with national expertise designing evidence-based population health and patient care delivery models. Nonnatech's north star is focused on patient safety and empowering patients to better self-manage their care. Moreover, unlike other companies, our comprehensive approach is focused on managing chronic health conditions through the lens of addressing social determinants of health designing RPM programs for vulnerable and at-risk populations.


Strengthening the Provider-Patient Relationship in the Community

Unlike other companies that put their tech first, Nonnatech places the provider/patient relationship first. Nonnatech enables providers to proactively manage and deliver individualized, early, data-driven interventions to every patient beyond the four walls of a hospital or clinic. Because our Virtual Health Monitoring model was designed by clinicians, we know staff resources are limited where any new technology must be easy to use for the entire care team.

Nonnatech brings a collaboration mindset to all of our partnerships - our focus is helping our partners use Remote Health Monitoring and Predictive Analytics to achieve the best patient outcomes quickly and efficiently.

How It Works

Nonnatech’s Virtual Health Monitoring solutions use the latest biometric and passive sensor and device technology - all sensors and devices are fully integrated into our HIPAA-secured data platform offering real-time insights for the care team. Sensors and devices can be tailored to each patient's needs based on their health condition.


Easy to Set-Up

We make it easy to implement Remote Patient Monitoring by providing comprehensive program design, full education support and a self-paced implementation process by offering:

Turnkey device ordering process and full in-home installation.

Workflow alignment to make RPM seamless minimizing additional provider resource needs.

Provider and patient education to ensure comfort using RPM devices to optimize patient care plan adherence.

Secure data platform access 24/7 with full EHR data integration capabilities.

Able to offer clinical monitoring services to save providers time and resources.

No upfront costs to providers - most RPM implementations go live within 30 days.

Nonnatech has you covered for all of your Remote Health Monitoring needs

Want to learn more about how Nonnatech can help you reach and monitor your patients from the safety of their homes?

Remote Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Our technology solutions make it easier than ever to engage patients by offering home-based and COVID care delivery alternatives to:

Move securely and virtually into your patient’s home to improve care quality

Improve patient care plan adherence to achieve value-based and quality metrics

Improve care team efficiencies with real-time data access

Explore new revenue opportunities


Simple Home Monitoring Solutions for Patients

Our technology can help you better manage your health with simple to use devices – all from the comfort of your own home to:

Keep chronic conditions like your blood pressure and weight in check

Stay more closely connected to your care team between visits

Stay out of the hospital and aligned with your prescribed plan of care

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