Helping You Achieve Quality Outcomes

Nonnatech can help your organization meet your value-based and quality outcomes by expanding your population health management reach into the community. Nonnatech's team has deep experience setting designing value-based programs with KPIs that not only improve care outcomes but also improve patient engagement and the care experience.

Real Solutions

Nonnatech’s solutions are built to achieve quality patient outcomes built on focused RPM programs with measurable KPIs. With each customer, we support an evidence-based approach whether building new virtual delivery models or supporting existing value-based contracts.


Real Value

Nonnatech’s RPM programs have achieved ROI and health outcomes including:

3:1 ROI

$7K PMPM cost savings

Nonnatech's RPM Value

Read about Nonnatech's RPM Value in this important Case Study.

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Our team was specifically drawn to Nonnatech’s ability to identify patterns predictive of a significant change in the resident’s condition, enabling staff to quickly identify and react to early signs of deterioration in health.

Tammy G., Regional Director of Senior Living Community