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Nonnatech is a recognized industry leader delivering innovative in-home Remote Patient Monitoring and analytics solutions and services as a trusted partner for clinicians, patients and their families.

Comprehensive Digital Health Solutions

Nonnatech is one of the fastest-growing and most comprehensive digital health solutions for the entire senior care continuum. Nonnatech features a state-of-the-art platform able to seamlessly integrate an array of active and passive RPM monitoring devices with real-time data reports for the lead clinical team/PCMH, home care team and family members. Unlike other RPM solutions, Nonnatech is able to comprehensively monitor biometric changes as well as behavioral changes that indicate a change in a patient's health status and risk profile. Our focus is on prevention and early intervention helping providers improve health outcomes and detect health status changes to prevent avoidable ED visits and hospitalizations. Nonnatech reduces the administrative and financial obstacles in order to improve care delivery, outcomes and clinical care.

“Our team was specifically drawn to Nonnatech’s ability to identify patterns predictive of a significant change in the resident’s condition, enabling staff to quickly identify and react to early signs of deterioration in health." —Tammy G., Regional Director of Senior Living Community


Designing Innovative Care Delivery Models

Nonnatech is actively collaborating with our provider partners on how to best incorporate remote patient monitoring into new virtual health care delivery models. As COVID-19 forced providers to rethink how to effectively provide care, RPM has become central to developing new community-based and hospital-at-home models rapidly being adopted and accepted into new standards of acute and post-acute care.

Early Detection and Intervention

Nonnatech's device-agnostic platform focuses on early detection and intervention with a constant focus on quality improvement and patient safety. With RPM and virtual health gaining rapid adoption, Nonnatech provides turnkey solutions that can be easily integrated by providers across multiple care delivery models and applications. Nonnatech is committed to collaborating with our partners using RPM to provide better patient care and achieve quality and value-based outcomes.


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