Real-Time Analytics

Nonnatech's analytics platform provides the clinical team with actionable data delivering immediate clinical insights and patient condition trends.


Simple User Interface

Nonnatech's devices are fully integrated into our HIPAA-compliant platform where the clinical team can easily access patient information, displayed at the individual and population level.

Platform can be fully integrated into existing EHRs.

System is fully HIPAA-compliant and secure for all licensed users.

User interface displays data in simple actionable format with efficiency in mind.

Omni-Device Capabilities

Nonnatech's platform is "device agnostic," able to host and integrate with an array of digital health devices - the system can be designed and tailored to create an RPM program according to each customer's clinical needs.


Request a Demo

A Nonnatech representative is ready to answer your questions and get a complete understanding of your needs – we will provide a no obligation overview including product information, pricing and demo.

We can tailor the medications depending on the data that is provided to us in real time from our patients' homes.

Dr. Inderpal C., Primary Care Physician and Internist